Hi Taylor, 

i just wanted to say thank you for writing Welcome To New york.

i have been to New York only a couple of times. The first time was for my sisters 12th birthday. the 2nd time was for the 5 Seconds of Summer Today show(the first picture is from that day) i actually tried to stalk you that day haha. but the main reason i love the song so much is it reminds me of someone very close to me, My Great Aunt Lucille (2nd picture). She was an AMAZING actress and absolutely loved New York she died two Christmas’s ago and i miss her a lot. New York always reminds me of her and now so does your song. Thank you for writing a song that could make me remember my Great Aunt and all the memories i shared with her.

love you and Cannot wait for 1989!

Forever on your side ;)

Mary Alexis





i feel bad bc i don’t know half the people y’all are naming omfg some days i feel so out of touch with this fandom

At least you know someone haha I literally know no one and it’s weird because I know names but they have no idea who I am and I feel like that’s a lol weird.

fetusswift i just started following you but you seem so chill and down to earth and fun! i kind of wanna be your best friend…is that weird haha?